Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I've Got More Booty Than A...

I can't think of something to write in the title because I am anxious to tell you about the goods from the mini prge! I received the package yesterday from Obsidian Kitten and it included: the Punk Knits book, Cherry Tree Alpaca, Sugar and Cream in beautiful greens (perect for the wash cloths I plan to knit), some handmade magnets, three beautiful purple pansy candles, a lovely candle holder out of blue/purple potter, some super cool stitch markers, and some lovely smelling soap. I am so pleased and appreciate my gifts so much! They are lovely, just lovely. I read that Ms. Obsidian Kitten is not feeling well. I hope that she is feeling much better soon. Hugs and kisses and well wishes and all of my gratitude! (links to be added later)


knitphomaniac said...

stellar - getting a pattern book with your swap! and how appropriate to get that one! :)

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, i loooooove my package! i am SO sorry i haven't been online to let you know i got it!

i see you had an adventure with the geek squad, our PC died and so did our modem, then my mac didn't want to communicate with the new modem, had to wait until we got a new PC to talk to the modem. grrr!

thanks for all the well wishes, i'm feeling okay now. your package was totally awesome and *exactly* what i needed!