Sunday, January 13, 2008

Merci! Et au revoir Charlie.

One of million and one great things about Ravelry - the Groups. I am in a Lost Group, STR group, David Bowie group, 80's group and a Wes Anderson group. The amazing hostess has starting some really fun swaps. The first one I joined was a Marie Antionette swap (I know, not Wes Anderson but you can see how this movie might have a common fan base?). I sent my package off last week and received my goodies on Friday. Wow! Such creative goodies! Hand dyed yarn in the MA colorway, cake stitch markers, a MA mirror, knitting needles, some very pink sock yarn, MA trivia/note cards and some little heart shaped cakes which were eaten up before they could be photographed. A million thanks to Valerie! She is just amazing. And she has some hand dyed yarn for sale at her etsy sight.

Needless to say, I joined the Wes Anderson quarterly swap and the Lost in Translation swap.

In other exciting news, we finished season 3 of LOST last night. I cried of course when Charlie died. I liked his character a lot. So - wow. My head is swimming with theories and quesses and I can't wait for season 4 to start.

Here is my youngest running in the yard in his pj's.


Many many thanks to Nicole, my Christmas Around the World swap partner. She sent me an amazing package last week all the way from Germany. The stollen and gingerbread cookies have been eaten but the chocolate Santa has managed to live another week! I am amazed that he has lasted so long in this house! Oh, and some hand warmers, Opal ladybug sock yarn, needles and a lovely striped scarf. The knitting is so flawless...such a lovely set of goodies! Thanks Nicole!

Sadly, my downstream partner hasn't gotten her package yet. I am starting to feel like it may be lost somewhere out there in postalspace.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

See...I was knitting!

Here they are, some finished objects from 07. I actually knit a lot over the past month but most of the things I made were gifts. And a dove in a leaf less tree.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Already!

Our tree is down but I still miss the lights. This is an image I took of the lights the first night it was up.

I try to think of the last time I blogged and I'm overwhelmed by what has happened in my life since then...Birthdays, Disneyland, parties, Christmas, a trip to San Francisco, New Years, and my mother-in-law's visit. All of this and a sinus infection and a severely stubbed toe that has put me in a black velcro boot for the past week. It was a lovely time of year and boy was it packed with family and friends. Perfect!

Oh, and I've finished many a knitting projects but don't have them photographed properly enough to post. And I've received a lovely gift from my Christmas Around The World partner but again I don't have my goodies photographed yet. So, I need to find some time now that we have blue skies to make some images of the FO's and swap goodies.

I really want 08 to be about finishing what I start. I find that my resolutions never end up lasting. Maybe I have to call them something else? It takes 21 days to change a habit and less time to make something a habit and I know that by January 21 I may not have adopted any healthy habits or abandoned any bad habits. I'm going to give myself all of 08 to change and every day to work on those changes. I was really sad about my toe because I wanted to start walking/running again. Then I realized that even if I don't start something at the beginning of the year it is not the end of the world - al that matters is that I start. So, for 08 I will start yoga again, running, working on some poor abandoned UFOs, reading every night and traveling more. I will give these thing a go for 21 days (well, except for traveling) at least.