Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fabulous Fiber Fest, Real Live STR in a Somewhat LYS, and Booty Club...and My Mom's New Hip!

Today was a good day. Not in an Ice Cube kinda way but in a "mommy got to go out and do mommy things with Cristin" kinda way.

First, my best friend Cristin and I went to the Fabulous Fiber Festival in Santa Monica today. Carolina Homespun was there, the amazing Japanese fabric lady was there, Lisa Souza was there! I got some goodies and will post photos later. It was pretty mellow (we got there early) but by the time we left it was getting crowded.

Cristin had never been to Wildfiber in SM so we stopped in. It isn't exactly in our hood to be a LYS but since we were in SM how could we not stop in? I'm glad we did. I couldn't believe it - they had STR in stock! Holy Cow! I got a skein, needless to say. And I found the ladies in the store very helpful and the new owner super nice. I know other's haven't had the best experiences there so I'd suggest giving it another try. They have an amazing selection and with LYSs dropping like flies it is nice to have a place to go and see the yarn, and touch the yarn, for yourself.

I got home this afternoon and my Yarn Pirate Booty had arrived! Lucky girl I am! The colors are amazing and I already have big plans for my skein.

To back track a bit, my mom had hip replacement surgery yesterday and is doing well. We visited her this evening and the boys really cheered her up. I showed her some of the fabric I got today and that made her smile too. And Justin made her a puppet out of a blown up rubber glove and that made us all happy. She gets to come home with her new hip on Monday and I can remember from being in the hospital with the boys how the days seem to drag on. Cristin got her a learn to crochet kit so hopefully that will make her recovery more interesting. My mom seems to think that it will be easier to crochet? We shall see.

Sock Stats:

Hogwarts Sock Swap Two: One sock down, another to go!
Sock It To Me: Thanks to a long wait in the hospital during my mom's surgery, I am half way through my first sock for my pal. it is going fast
Monkey: Got the yarn!

I have also been spending time with Ravelry. I have joined the Lost group, the Office group, the U2 group, the Loopy Group, the Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 group...I love the groups.

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