Thursday, July 26, 2007

Geek Squad To The Rescue?

I have spent way too much time with the Geek Squad. Our computer at work went into a coma last week and the Geek Squad came to fix it on Wednesdy. I know enough about computers to be dangerous so I try not to get too involved with the mechanics of it all... but this week I had no choice and spent more than half my day waiting for the Geeks at work and instore. And some of today. I wish they were funny like Loius and Gilbert from Revenge of the Nerds. Are geeks just nerds without a sense of humor? What is the difference? If a geek and a nerd had a baby would it be a gerd or a neek? These are the things I pondered while I waited at the store for our poor computer to go through various operations. I also though of how silly it was that my knitting and HP book 7 were in the car. I guess I was afraid to leave our pc's side while it was "critical". Good news is that the computer at work is fixed and mom and I can now "get'er done".

I saw Sonic Youth last Friday. They were really amazing. I always liked them from afar but never did own an album. I will have to borrow from my husband.

I sent of my prge package on Wednesday! Hurray! My swap buddy Shannah sent me a surprise package last week full of amazing original art and vintage postcards. I hope she likes what I sent her.

I also mailed out my HSKS2 package last week. My Slytherin pal got her goodies! Hurray for the USPS

I also got a surprise from my Sock It to Me pal. Amazing. If I weren't such a barbarian I'd have taken a photo of everything instead of ripping into it all like a 4 year old on Christmas morning. I promise to take photos tomorrow...I gotta see the beautiful washcloth she knit me! Oh...and a very cool mix cd.

Didn't you just love the mix friends were always making them for eachother when we were young. My brother still makes them and I gave him one for Christmas. I want to start making that again. I just need to load all my music on my iTunes first. Not looking forward to that. Ick

So, photos tomorrow!

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Rebecca said...

In our family, whenever we went on a road trip, my girls would make a tape with each one of our favorite songs, so it truly was a 'mix tape'. That way, we all were happy with the music. Of course, Daddy had veto power and ever-so-often pressed the 'skip' button!