Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What's Goin' On...

I have been dreaming of things to write for the past several days. Being sick stinks. Having your family sick stinks. Having said that, I will move on. I am finally getting up to speed with blogging. I still have to go from mac to pc to make adjustments but I'm catching on. I added Scrumpy the cat to my header as you can see. Now I have to find a way to add Ruby so she doesn't get upset.

First and foremost I am an aunt again! I was in the waiting room when my new nephew arrived Sunday morning at 2:42 AM. He is just amazing. I got to hold him and watches his first bath, first blood pressure reading, first temperature reading, first diapering. I know I am repeating myself here but it is so cool to be there for so many firsts. I get to go seem him tomorrow. He was about 3 weeks early so he is on the small isde. I am almost done with his Dodger Hat which he will be able to wear by the end of the baseball season. Here it is

And, the super cool hand made toys I ordered from Two Little Banshee's Etsy shop arrived today. They are so cute. The Giraffe is for the new baby and the Echidna is for the big brother.

In other knitting news, I started a Jaywalker in Cider Moon's Peas and Carrots using their Flurry yarn. I really like the way it is turning out. It was to be a gift for my sister in law so she could keep her feet warm in the hospital but since the baby came early they will have to be a Mother's Day gift.

I have been wishing for a skein of Socks That Rock in the Seal Rock colorway, which they aren't dying right now. Then I found one on ebay and it was listed for $15. Buy It Now! So, here it is! I am so excited.

Lastly, I have made some progress on my various sock swaps and KALs. I have the yarn from Knit Picks for my Charmed Knits KAL and will cast on after I finish my nephew's hat.

I have the yarn, needles, and stitch markers for my secret pal in the Hogwarts-Sock-Swap. Just need to cast on! I read my secret pals blog and she is quite a stitch. Whoever has me as a secret pal hasn't contacted me yet. Don't know if I should feel sad about that or not. I am new to all this so I'm not sure what to expect.

I have my yarn for my Hogwarts-Sock-Kit-Swap pal. This is not a secret pal thing so I already spoke with her. She lives in Montana and seems super nice.

After my Charmed Knits hats are done I will start work on the Loopy Challange. I have the yarn, just need the time. Isn't that true about everything?


Rani said...

Just found your blog via the Hogwarts sock swap. Love it. Where did you find the Dodgers hat pattern. It's so cute!

orange buttercat said...

Hi - Thanks for your comment! I had left over Blue Sky Cotton from my Log Cabin Baby Blanket so I used the red and white for a two color cable cast on so that the edge would look like the stitching on a ball. I then knit an inch in the white and then the rest of the hat in Dodger Blue. So, you could substitute the blue for your favorite teams color. Hope this helps - let me know if it doesn't!

Anonymous said...


I love the hat! I've been looking for Dodger blue yarn for about three weeks now and I can't find any that isn't made of wool. Where did you find this yarn?