Thursday, May 24, 2007

More HP Trivia - For the HP-BK7 Swap

Here are the questions and answers:

1) For the dinner party where was Aunt Petunia suppose to be in order to welcome the guests? IN THE LOUNGE

2) Who picked the lock with the hairpin on Hedwig's cage as they drove away from Privet Drive in the flying car? RON

3) Where did the Weasleys practice Quidditch when they were at home? A PADDOCK

4) What did Ron say might happen if Creevey and Ginny ever met in regards to Harry Potter? THEY’D START A HARRY POTTER FAN CLUB

5) On what page does Professor Binns start explaining the history of Hogwarts and the legend of The Chamber of Secrets? 150

6) What comment did Wood previously make to Harry Potter that upset George so much during the Quidditch game against Slytherin when the bludger was trying to attack only Harry Potter? GET THE SNITCH OR DYE TRYING

7) What time did the first Dueling Club meeting start? 8:00 PM

8) What was the name of the book that Ron's father told him about that if you read it you would only be able to talk in limericks ever after? SONNETS OF A SORCERER

9) What was the single word written on the torn page from the book that Harry and Ron found clasped in Hermione's hand when she was petrified and in the Hogwarts hospital wing? PIPES

10) What was the sentence Tom Riddle said to the stone face of Slytherin to get it to open so the basilisk could come out? SPEAK TO ME, SLYTHERIN, GREATEST OF THE HOGWARTS FOUR

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