Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Redux & HP 7 Swap it

Here are the beautiful flowers that I got from my husband and sons. I am so happy with them and move them from room to room with me!

I don't have any knitting photos to post. I feel that if I post any photos of my HSS socks that I will somehow give up the secret. I guess that is because I am knitting for the somebody in the house with the fewest members. I am almost done with my Hufflepuff hat for the Charmed Knits KAL. That's about it folks!

I joined another sock swap. I think they are such great ways of doing something nice for somebody that knows all the hard work you are going to and will hopefully appreciate your efforts, even if you knit a simple rib pattern and not some fancy schmancy pattern. The swap is called the Harry Potter Book 7 Sock It or Swap It. I don't have a button yet and will link it soon. I'm going to request some Dobby socks.

So, how about some random photos from last Saturday in the front yard.

Blossoms on the apple tree planted for me by my grandma when I was born:

Baby squirrel:

Lovely, but what is it?

Bottlebrush blooms:


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Jill said...

Dobby socks rule! I may have to make myself a pair ;)