Thursday, October 11, 2007

"the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"

Yes, that's right, this lovely candycorn colored wool/alpaca blend hand painted yarn is "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen", according to my oldest. The yarn is from Keegan Lane Yarns. I traded some yarn with Meliabella of Keegan Lane Yarns (link to follow soon I promise) - we met on Ravelry where a bunch of us are lamenting the absence of Cidermoon. So, Meliabella's yarn is on it's way to becoming a hat. Which is good since we are going to Idaho a week from tomorrow. Definately need some noggin warmin' there!

You will also notice some lovely sock yarn in the candy bowl...Zen String's Pumpkin King colorway! Thanks Woolgirl - such a lovely place to shop! Hope I can make it into a sock (or two) soon.


Vegan Pal 2
Package sent today!

SP11 Package #2 sent today!

Monkey Swap Package needs to be assembled and sent - maybe Saturday?

Hogwarts Sock Swap #2
sock on needles.

Did I leave anything out? The wind stopped blowing and my allergies are starting to ease up. Oh, I'm taking a wool dyeing class on Saturday! I can't wait!


Amy said...

That yarn is really beautiful! I just love the look of socks yarn before it's knit up!

AJ said...

Very pretty yarn! Love the Halloweeny colors!