Friday, October 19, 2007

Magic Balls and Spooky Hats!

Thanks Michele! I got my Vegan Swap 2 package yesterday and the boys and I had a bunch of fun unraveling the yarn! I love the godies! Chocolate is almost all gone! The recipies sound yummy and easy for the meat eaters in the house to enjoy as well I love the yarn - always wanted to try Panda Cotton and I love the witchey colors you chose. And the tape measurer is so cute - I may have to hide if from the boys! They already took the Airheads! I appreciate your hard work Michele!

I read that my pal got her package too. I want to write back but I can't send e-mail out right now for some kooky reason.
My Monkey Swap Pal also got her package! Hurray!

So, I was supposed to got to Idaho today to visit my Grandma and family. But, my nephew got sick and give it to my dad so we cancelled the trip. We will have to reschedule for next month (I hope!). I did get a chance to go to the LYS today to get the wool I dyed last weekend. I am so excited! I love how it turned out and can't wait to dye more!

Thick and thin becoming a shawl...

Sport weight superwash merino for socks...

I finished my Foliage hat! The colors remind me of the cover to my favorite new Halloween book - Room on the Broom. The yarn is a bulky weight merino hand dyed at my LYS. I love the colors and althought the pattern isn't shown off as much as I'd hoped I still like the way it all looks.

I also finished two candy corn hats for the boys. Since we aren't going to Idaho now they don't really need them but at least they are done! The other hat is having a bath right now. to work on my Gryffindor socks!


knittinwolf said...

Cute candy corn hat! I made myself a pumpkin hat and making one for my hubby! My son is going to be a dementor..ugh! Careful when knitting with the Panda Cotton...when I used it, it split the whole time I was knitting with it...maybe I just got a bad batch! Love Idaho...especially Sun Valley. I live in CA so its nice to have different weather elsewhere! Have a great day!

pen & purl said...

Hi Jennifer! Glad you got your package - the yarn colours are fun! And I love those tape measures, my Mum sent me one a while ago with a sheep on it. So cute!