Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monkey Love

Here it is! My Monkey Swap 3 Package from my pal Sarah! I realize now that I know Sarah as "eatmyoxygen" from Ravelry! So cool to have a swap buddy that I kinda know! Can you believe how wonderful this all is? I swear this package made my week...with fires, illnesses, broken bones, cancelled trips and 2 1/2 year olds not sleeping, this hit the spot! As you can see I got some fab socks out of Cherry Tree Hill, some ShiBui sock yarn (been hoping to try this soon!), some Sugar n' Cream, a monkey night light that matches perfectly with or bathroom, a monkey sippy cup full of candy and stitch markers, some foam monkey heads for the boys to craft with and of course a Cooke A. pattern! How lucky am I?

Here is another close-up of my socks and my monkey...or I should say my son's monkey. My little one nabbed him right away and named him "Punie". With any luck Punie is helping the little guy fall asleep! He loves this monkey...I don't have the heart to take him as mine:) And my oldest is enjoying making the monkey face...Sarah even sent glue!

I love trying to take photos of my feet. Glad I went to yoga this afternoon. Nice and limber for this feet to the ceiling shot!

And, even Ruby found something she liked!

So to Sarah I send a big "MAHALO"! I'm "bananas" over my package!


knittinwolf said...

What beautiful socks! Love the stuffed monkey! Did she make it? I always call my son monkey and he would love it! Aren't these fires horrible? Take care!

Sarah said...

Ugh, sorry for the run of bad luck :( I had family evacuated because of the fires and my dad is a Fireman for LA County so he's been working A LOT.

I'm glad the package was so well loved and the socks look great on you!!

Anonymous said...

The socks are so beautiful! They look so warm and cozy!

I commented earlier in a March post about the Dodger blue yarn. Do you remember where you found it perchance?

Thanks a million!