Monday, June 18, 2007

HSKS Owl Arrived & A New Swap

Here it is! The wonderful swap goodies from my HSKS pal Lisa. I will let the photos tell the story:

The yarn is amazing - Morehouse Merino - I have been looking at it for some time and what a luck gal I am to get some in a swap! The yarn is so soft and lovely! The bag that Lisa made is really great - love that each side is different. Needles and stitch markers just perfect as well. Wonderful smelling soaps, great HP candy, a dress up sheep, a keychain, foot measurer, and BBQ sauce and rub. Truly fab! The boys and I and husband tried the Bertie Botts. Wow! We tried them all - except for Vomit (not in the box) and Sausage (I'm a vegitarian so that was a no go for me) Boy do they taste like rotten eggs. Made me feel sick for the rest of the night! Had to chase them with some Jelly Slugs! Lisa, thanks for the thoughtful gifts and fun memories of my boys eating earthworm flavored candy - it was great!

In other news, I joined another swap. More on this to come. And I joined HSKS round 2.

Well, that's all. Somebody's diaper needs a change.

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Rebecca said...

Well, it is not hard to see that YOU are a Gryffindor! And I will unashamedly say that it is the BEST House :)