Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Knitting Right Along...

Spring has sprung and it feels more and more like summer here in good ol'SoCal. Lots of budding flowers, crazy squirrels (is it squirrel mating season?), and the pool looks more and more inviting. Things are running smooth and the air smells of blossoms with only a hint of jet fuel!

In knitting news, I joined my first KAL. It's a Harry Potter KAL - Charmed Knits KAL. We will be knitting house hats for Warm Woolies and the hats will be sent to children's groups. Should be fun - I love hats. I am a late bloomer to the whole Harry Potter thing - while everyone else was reading the Harry Potter series I was in the world of new borns and Margaret Atwood. Then, I went to the most amazing Halloween/Harry Potter party last October hosted by my husband's friends from work. Everything in the house was decorated in theme - even the book bindings had been changed to resemble books from the book. There was a potions room out back, flying car in a tree, quidditch court in the front yard, sorting ceremony (I was Gryffindor)...it was just fantastic. Their dog even sported two extra heads to look like Fluffy. I was awestruck. Then, I received a set of the first six books from my brother and sister in law for my birthday and the DVD collection from by brother in law and nephew in December. I started reading in February and I am now officially hooked. I hope to be up to speed for the release of the 7th book this summer.

Oh, and then I met this very nice person through ebay and I am thinking of joining a Hogwarts Sock Swap. I thought I was done with socks - I even destashed a bunch of yarn to Jacey at Insubordiknit earlier this year. Then for some reason I wanted to knit - or should I say conquer - socks so I started again. I finished my first pair in late February and gave them to my mom for good luck (I always give my mom the first of everything I make). Now I am on my third pair. And I have joined two sock clubs - Rockin Sock Club and Yarntini's Sock Club.

Now I see that Jacey at Insubordiknit started a Yarn Club. Oh the temptation!

Lastly, I was lucky enough to win some beautiful handspun yarn from Cider Moon! Their colorways are amazing. I am working on a Campfire Sock right now.


Nell said...

Great Pictures! And I love your screen name.

Justin said...

Great photos of spring! I'd love to see some of your projects here as well.