Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FOPalooza...well, almost

Here they are! Photos of actual Finished Objects! First up a lovely wool hat...

Next, one sock in Twisted Fiber Arts Dutchess Yarn in Portal using Cider Moon's Campfire Sock pattern. I shortened the cuff a bit. It is acutally chilly here tonight so I wish I had the other sock done!

And my May Nephew's baby blanket. My sister in law is now in the phase of her pregnancy that cause my heart to skip a beat everytime I get a call from her or my brother. Only a few short weeks to go! I hope I get those ends woven in in time!

Lastly, one UFO. A tiger stripe sock for P-Pie, my oldest son. I likes it already and I've tried it on his leg at least 4 times already.

In more Knittin' Knews, I joined the Insubordiknit Art Yarn Club. How cool is that club going to be! And, I joined another swap. This one is a Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap - I am still trying to figure out how to put the button on my blog and how to link or hyper link or whatever. I have a lot to learn about blogging - as you can see by my photo layouts. I am in Gryffindor House and got my house 5 points for knowing the answer to the trivia question. This club is great because there is no actual knitting! But seriously, it will be fun to shop for another knitter. I am good at shopping.

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Rebecca said...

That Hogwarts Sock KIT Swap sounds like fun! Wish I could join but the Hogwarts Sock Swap is just keeping me too busy. I hope you have fun with BOTH swaps!