Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home from the Range & HSS3

The boys and I made it home from a lovely trip to Montana/Idaho with my folks to see my grandma. It was snowy and cool and lovely. Grandma and the family are doing well and we had a lot of good visits. We also saw some animals out and about - elk, deer, bighorn sheek, antelope...and cows that walk on fences (as seen above). I was also lucky enough to visit Mountaincolors in Corvallis. I love their yarn! Got some mills ends an some beautiful Alpaca/Wool blend. Hope to make a sweater!

I sent my HSS3 package off today! Hurray! And I am working on my Monkey Swap 4 Socks!

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dobarah said...

It must have been a grandma weekend...the kids and I made the same trip to Charlo! You are so lucky to have been able to stop in at Mountain Colors...but summer is coming closer, so I will have my time soon. Wow, a sweaters worth of yarn...I'm in awe!