Friday, February 22, 2008

Excuses Excuses

There are several reasons that I haven't posted or find it hard to post. Lets see, sometimes at night when the house is quiet all I want to do is knit. Or watch Lost reruns online to refresh my memory from the marathon Lost viewing we did last year. Or I research patterns, yarn, etc. on Ravelry. I have decided that in order to make sure I am writing (I figure this is more of a journal than anything) I have to schedule time. I am not good with schedules now that I am not a working professional anymore but I do see the merits of having a schedule. So, I am going to make Friday Blog night. Like Monday is Ravelry update night, and Tuesday morning is Yoga, and Thrusday evening is Lost. See, simple, right. Oh, and since it is too cold on the patio right now (where my hard drive is) I've decided to give myself a break with my photo uploading and let flickr do all the work. I don't like that the photos aren't part of my text but oh well.

I joined The Loopy Ewe/DIC Kal on Ravelry. Should be fun! But I think I need to knit in the current sweater project and all that purling is starting to break me!

My oldest is 5 years and one week old today. I am so excited for him to grow and do all the great kid stuff with him but oh how I ache for him to be a baby again sometimes. To hold and just be quiet with him. And my youngest is a ball of fire. Such a charmer and working hard at moving out of his brother's shadow. He still likes to cuddle like a baby sometimes but he too wants his independence. Every day is just an adventure and it is hard to be patient but so worth it when I am. But now it is quiet in the house so I'm going to take some time to myself and enjoy!

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