Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Already!

Our tree is down but I still miss the lights. This is an image I took of the lights the first night it was up.

I try to think of the last time I blogged and I'm overwhelmed by what has happened in my life since then...Birthdays, Disneyland, parties, Christmas, a trip to San Francisco, New Years, and my mother-in-law's visit. All of this and a sinus infection and a severely stubbed toe that has put me in a black velcro boot for the past week. It was a lovely time of year and boy was it packed with family and friends. Perfect!

Oh, and I've finished many a knitting projects but don't have them photographed properly enough to post. And I've received a lovely gift from my Christmas Around The World partner but again I don't have my goodies photographed yet. So, I need to find some time now that we have blue skies to make some images of the FO's and swap goodies.

I really want 08 to be about finishing what I start. I find that my resolutions never end up lasting. Maybe I have to call them something else? It takes 21 days to change a habit and less time to make something a habit and I know that by January 21 I may not have adopted any healthy habits or abandoned any bad habits. I'm going to give myself all of 08 to change and every day to work on those changes. I was really sad about my toe because I wanted to start walking/running again. Then I realized that even if I don't start something at the beginning of the year it is not the end of the world - al that matters is that I start. So, for 08 I will start yoga again, running, working on some poor abandoned UFOs, reading every night and traveling more. I will give these thing a go for 21 days (well, except for traveling) at least.

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