Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Deer!

I feel like I haven't posted in ages. Probably because I haven't. Family trips, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, colds...I feel so tired at night all I want to do is space out. Do nothing but knit and read. But I realize that I can't live in a fog forever today was a day of getting things done. Sent off serveral Ravelry trades. Sent off my SP11 package to my pal. Did nagging things from my "to do" list. All not the most exciting way to spend a Wednesday but necessary all the same. Now if I can just bring myself to clean the catbox I will feel pretty good about things!

My parents and the boys and I returned about a week and a half ago from an amazing trip to Idaho to visit my Grandma and family (my dad grew up in Salmon, ID). It was a beautiful trip - lots of fall colors, frost, and deer. I love seeing them almost as much as my youngest likes seeing the cows in the pastures. We also got to be in the middle of a cattle drive down the highway. That was fun! And I managed to squeeze a trip in to the Mountain Colors studio in Corvallis, MT. The ladies there are the nicest and the yarn is amazing. I've already made two hats and can't wait to make some Sun River socks.

It is good to be home, no matter how much laundry there is to do! There are two boys in this pile - if you look carefully you may see a foot or elbow.

On Saturday our family went on a hike through Will Rogers State Historic Park. It is so beautiful there! Watched a riding lesson at the stable and ate lunch in the tall grass with two sweet deer in the distance. Then hikes up to the top of the loop trail and had an amazing view of the ocean and the latest Malibu fire. I can't wait to go back. On Tuesday my dad and the boys and I went to Sunland to look at a horse (my dad is looking into buying one). We drove up the mountain road a bit and saw four deer! I think is is amazing to see deer like that in SoCal. Very cool and reassuring that the wild four legged creatures are still around these parts.

OK, so now let me expalin the dumped pictures below. The STR chevron sock is knit using Grinchy and Thistle. I knit this while on our return trip home - which included a good hour and a half on the runway at LAX waiting for a gate to open up! The socks are knit using yarn I dyed at the LYS. And the hat is one of Jacey's amazing Monster Hats. I need to sew the patch on now that I have blocked and dryed it.

I have started other projects but will post photos later. I want to have a few FO's to put up first! I feel like I have a lot of holiday knitting yet to do and it is hard not to knit for myself.

Oh, and Sheri at the Loopy Ewe has started a Random Acts of Kindness campaign. I'm joining. She likes to randomly the coffee for the guy behind her in the Starbucks drive-thru. I got to find my way of giving back randomly. Any ideas?

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